ElectroPunk Badge Project

The ElectroPunk Badge

Time and $$$ saving items and I thought I would share them with you.

I will add to this over time as I think of other items that have been useful to us.

For my next magic trick…

I attend a lot of business networking meetings. A readable name plate / badge / card for your lapel or shirt is fairly important. Many years ago I had one that was great, but it is really old technology and requires an older Windows platform and a serial port. I have neither. So after much research and reading of reviews I decided on the ION Smart Badge. It scrolls whatever message you program in and select. It has 3 fonts, 3 speeds and is rechargeable. Pin it to your shirt or use the magnetic attachment. This is a great conversation starter.

It looks like this:

You use an app on your phone to program it:

ION Badge App Screenshot





It has 8 memory locations for you to store messages in. It is very simple to program, connects to the phone via bluetooth, so you can update your message on the fly. Very easy to use.

No longer available.  Looking for an alternate.



And here’s the ElectroPunk version I created with assorted parts, adhesive and a lot of time



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