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June 23, 2020 Update:

A little local Dallas County #Covid19 statistical info for y’all:

If we all get our shit together we won’t have to go through another shelter-in-place couple of months. But we are getting pretty close to this being a really big problem.

Look at the Covid-19 dashboard screenshot below for Dallas County.  ICU usage is currently at 72% and overall bed capacity is 67% occupied.  This is not leaving a lot of margin for foolish behavior.  We need to NOT overload the hospitals or have y’all forgotten about that “flatten the curve” approach to minimizing loss of life.

So how about everybody mask the hell up and start social distancing like your life depends on it.

Because it does.

In Dallas County, the bulk of positive Covid-19 cases are in the 18-40 age range. So how about all y’all be a lot more careful?




Dallas County Hospitalizations 6-23-2020

Dallas County Hospitalizations 6-23-2020















Looking for the Covid-19 Vaccine in Dallas?

Here’s where you go to determine your eligibility, find a provider and schedule your vaccination:

For small business owners:


Dallas County Caseload 6-23-2020

Dallas County Caseload 6-23-2020












And just to give y’all something else to think about…

I subscribe to the Texas Day by Day email feed.  Because I’m very interested in Texas history – and because I am author of a book on Texas.  I received this installment in today’s email and thought I’d do a “future history” modification for comparison.  Do you want our history to read like this example?

Or would you like us to be seen as a lot of smart people that did everything we could to protect our fellow Texans?

Should we be seen in the future as a bunch of spoiled brat, entitled, self-absorbed and selfish Texans who did not give a damn about our fellow citizens?  Will be be seen as an embarrassment on the world stage, because our selfishness led to a second, even longer lockdown with a massive loss of life, businesses closed and Texans bankrupt in the process?  Will we be blamed for a massive economy crash, the likes of which make the Great Depression seem like a 4th of July picnic at the park?  Is this what you want your grandchildren to read?

Or would you like to be remembered as the generation that made the minor sacrifice of always wearing a face mask (not for your protection, but to protect your fellow Texans), and social distanced everywhere so we could beat this historic virus?

I’ll give you a minute…

Go ahead, think it over.  How do you want history to judge Texas?

Meanwhile, take a look at what you answer may mean in the future:










June 22, 2020:

Rapidly increasing hospitalizations and new cases are addressed by Governor Abbott live.

Go to open.Texas.Gov for guidance on keeping Texas open.  If we cannot reverse this trend, the only remaining choice is to close Texas again.  Do your part so we an avoid this.  Click on the image below to access the site.










June 19, 2020:

Dallas, Tarrant Counties hit record highs for coronavirus patients

WFAAState and local officials are reporting the highest hospitalization numbers related to COVID-19 in North Texas and across the state Thursday.

Dallas County recorded its hightet COVID-19 hospitalizations ever with 423 patients, according to health officials.

There were also 392 new cases and 5 more deaths reported in the county.  The victims range from a woman in her 50s to a man in his 90s who lived in a long-term care facility.

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A growing list of Dallas-area restaurants with COVID-19 cases among staff

Dallas Morning NewsWith many restaurants reopened and local COVID-19 cases climbing, the virus is making its way through dining rooms and kitchens throughout the metroplex, even with capacity limits and social distancing measures in place.

There are guidelines on sanitation standards and safety measures to help restaurants lower the risk of workers getting sick and prevent the virus’ spread, but there is no playbook for what should happen when an employee actually does get sick. Restaurant management is not required to notify the public if their employees contract COVID-19, but the owners of some restaurants like Zoli’s NY Pizza and Vantina have been vocal about their employees testing positive.

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June 17: 2020

Texas Surpasses 100,000 Cases.  End of day total:  102,661 cases.

June 17th new Texas cases: 3,357

Dallas Morning News:

Dallas County reports record number of coronavirus hospitalizations, 5 deaths


Dallas County reports all time high new Covid-19 cases of 413

See the Last Day Change tab of the tracking spreadsheet on the Coronavirus Blog

From the Archives Page

Texas Reports Highest Daily New Case Count at 4,413

OBLIVIOTS — Tuesday, June 16, 2020, Texas reports the highest daily new case addition at 4,413 new cases, bringing the state total case count to 95,793. 46 fatalities were reported yesterday, bringing the state total to 2,062 which amounts to a 2.15% mortality rate, less than half the U.S. average of 5.39%.

There are apparently a lot of people trying to justify the higher case count by saying Texas is doing more testing. Our president likes to tell us this too. The facts would appear to refute these claims. As you can see by the first graph, which shows daily testing numbers, yesterday’s total tests (23,419) is actually lower than the previous day (35,164), yet the new reported case number for yesterday is more than double the day before (4,413 vs 2,138). Both of these numbers are very high compared to our average in recent weeks. We have been trending above 2,000 per day (refer to the lower graph) since June 10th when we recorded our previous all-time high of 2,437 new cases.

Daily Testing Graph








New Cases Per day vs. Total Cases








June 14,2020:

Covid-19 is #3 cause of death in Dallas County







Dallas Texas Demographics ending 6/16/2020

COVID-19 DCHHS Summary_061620

Dallas Texas Demographics ending 5/5/2020

COVID-19 DCHHS Summary_050520

Dallas Texas Demographics ending 4/10/2020

COVID-19 DCHHS Summary_041020

Dallas Texas Demographics ending 3/24/2020

COVID-19 DCHHS Summary_032320



Texas Covid-19 Numbers

Texas Covid-19 Graph for April 2020:























March 30,2020:

State of Texas Extends Social Distancing Statewide

Governor Abbot has just enacted the same restrictions for the state of Texas that president Trump has enacted across the country through April 30th. It stops short of shelter-in-place but extends social distancing across the state through April 30th.

This is the PDF of the actual order.


To see a list of Essential Services so you can stay in compliance and help everyone get through this virus crisis, I am including a link to the State of Texas webpage:

If you want to see the current Texas cases in real time, here’s the Texas Covid-19 tracker:


Dallas Morning News Covid-19 Resource Page