About Obliviots

Welcome to Obliviots.Net

Obliviots is my own personal soapbox. It’s a place to share my observations, thoughts, opinions social commentary.
It’s also a place to document discoveries, Do It Yourself projects and the like.

This is an open forum.
Feel free to collaborate.

But why “Obliviots”?

  • Some people are oblivious.
  • Some people are idiots
  • When you combine the two, you have the supremely dangerous obliviots.
  • I think our current Narcissist in Chief may be dangerously close to qualifying.

Recently I was crawling through a school zone at the proscribed 20 MPH when a woman sails past me in the next lane. At this point I’m thinking she is oblivious to the signs, oblivious to the flashing yellow lights and oblivious to the other cars going much slower than she. Or is she an idiot? Or perhaps a combination of the two. An Obliviot.

Someone who goes through life on autopilot to the detriment of others.

So there is the reason for this blog.

Feel free to contribute your observations regarding obliviots in your life. No names, addresses or license plate numbers are allowed. We are not here to publicly shame anyone. Simply to raise awareness of this hindrance to living in harmony with our fellow earth dwellers.

We will not turn this into a political snark-fest, so don’t start and you won’t be banned.  I am entitled to my opinion and you are entitled to yours.  If we can politely agree to disagree, that’s fine.  Beyond that…  No.

I am working on populating this blog with all my social commentary and musings from over 20 years of writing, so check back from time to time and scroll back to the beginning.  I am posting the archival topics backdated to when I originally wrote them.  This will keep them in chronological order.