Project 2025 Equals Autocracy – Vote Blue to Save our Republic

Project 2025 is in the headlines daily now.

You should be equally concerned about Agenda 47!

Project 2025

Project 2025.

The Trumpists are trying to effectively rewrite our Constitution, creating a White Nationalist America with all the provisions the Heritage Foundation wants to enact.

The Heritage Foundation, a think tank closely-aligned with Trump,[43][44][45] coordinates the initiative with various conservative groups run by Trump allies.[46] In 2023, Trump campaign officials acknowledged the project aligned well with their Agenda 47 program.

The Wikipedia article on Project 2025 is right here.  Educate yourself, because your rights depend on it.


This is White Nationalism wrapped up in Neo Puritanism



Here are the key points of Project 2025:


Continuing on…

A July 1st article in the Boston Review

explains the impact of this “Project” in great detail.  If you want the real nuts and bolts of the impact it would make, read the article here. Page 731 of the PDF below.

If you want to read the entirety of Project 2025 here is the full PDF.


If you want more background on White Nationalism, it’s source and impact, watch this post Jan 6th interview:

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