Review – Do NOT Give Them Your Money

Most of us on Instagram are here to grow our following and sell art, right?

I know I am. I have had an Instagram account almost from the beginning. I have been plugging away at creating interesting content for years now. I have also tried several “services” to grow my following and get more meaningful interactions. Hopefully some sales. I load up every post with the appropriate hashtags and tag accounts that are complementary to mine.

To date, I have sold nothing on Instagram. I have sold a lot of art at art shows and in our gallery, but nothing from Instagram. I have sold art on Facebook, but Instagram? Nope.

So I thought I’d give AIGrow a shot at improving my followers and interactions.

The result?

A lot of wasted time, zero useful interactions, few likes and no sales.

Do NOT give these people your money.

signed up for their program 3 months ago. I had 13.6k followers at the time. I am a digital artist and post something new every day. I market constantly. I filled in all the info on their dashboard they requested and over 3 months only added 100 followers, no interactions and few likes. They were a”following” on my behalf, junk bots, Indian and Russian accounts that I specifically vetoed. After I cancelled my account I had to manually delete over 700 trash accounts they had me following.

They refused to refund my money.

So far, my experience with Instagram is that it is almost literally the Wild West, with more scammers than legitimate accounts. I get scam responses and messages Every.Single.Day, offering to promote my account on useless profiles. All those people do is load up your followers with junk bots. The kind of accounts that have less than 10 posts and a bunch of photos all of the same person. Most of these come out of India.

So my advice, post good content, follow legitimate artists and interact with your peers. At least you will be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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