Why Don’t We Have a Water Pipeline Grid?

We need a water pipeline grid

It’s finally time for me to write about this concept I’ve been talking about for years now.

California has been in record-breaking drought for several years now.  The current weather systems have delivered record-setting rains, resulting in landslides, property damage, road closures and loss of life.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a way to redirect the flood waters directly to reservoirs – or drought stricken areas?  Rather than just have all that rainwater go out to sea?

What is the solution, though?

A national water pipeline grid.

Similar to our national highway system implemented under Dwight D. Eisenhower.

This would create a massive number of jobs spanning probably a decade or more.  It would create extended employment in perpetuity for pipeline maintenance.  And it would bring drought relief to the regions in dire need of water.

We would need a literal grid of large pipeline with inline bidirectional turbines and gates at all four ends of each intersection.  Computers would control the flow of water to the areas most in need when rainwater exceeds runoff capacity in saturated areas. We could literally safe FEMA funding a fortune.  Imagine if we could divert all floodwaters.  The insurance industry should fund this project.

I envision something like this:


Pipeline Grid

Pipeline Grid

Of course we will need greater density than this, but you get the idea.

Why has no one “floated” this idea before (pun intended)?


This has enormous potential.










Pipeline Intersection concept.

This is a cross section of how I envision the system working:



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