Coronavirus Live Tracking Sites

This post is being created to take the load time down for the primary Coronavirus Blog Post.

As these are all interactive and update constantly, they put a large hit on the page.  Therefore on January 19, 2021, I decided to extract the large data usage components into separate blog posts.

This one is for the live tracking sites.

This post contains  three different SAFE live coronavirus trackers by Johns Hopkins, Avi Schiffmann and Worldometer

There are malware infested FAKE trackers and you should avoid those like the plague <rimshot>. This article gives more info on the ‘Coronavirus Maps’ tracker which is loaded with malware.

LIVE coronavirus trackers:

Disease name Covid-19

Virus name SARS-CoV-2

From Johns Hopkins:

Secondary Coronavirus Tracker:

And last, but not least, a third and final (legit) Coronavirus tracker from Worldometers:

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