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July 31,2020:  Notice:  No further updates until August 13th as I take a break from all this

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Today’s Statistics

The spreadsheet is always the current data

FYI:  I aggregate the results from 3 different coronavirus tracking sites.  I enter the highest numbers from these 3 in the interactive spreadsheet because we KNOW the cases are severely under-reported.

This is why the numbers you see here may differ from what you’ve seen elsewhere.  I update the spreadsheet regularly throughout the day (because what the hell else do I have to do…)

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Today’s Headlines

Latest Statistics:

July 31st #COVID19 Status

Highest Growth Zones:

  • 70,904 New U.S. cases
  • 52,509 New Brazil cases
  • 5,482 New Russia cases
  • 57,704 New India cases – NEW RECORD
  • 8,458 Mexico cases
  • 9,007 New cases in Florida
  • Over 17 million Global cases
  • Global Deaths topped 682k
  • U.S. Cases topped 4.7 million
  • Over70k new U.S. cases

Details, Details, Details…:


  • Global cases: 17,757,513
  • Daily new cases: 288,761
  • Global deaths: 682,998 with 6,239 new deaths
  • Global recovered: 111,160,193
  • Mortality rate: 3.85%
  • Recovery rate: 62.85%


  • U.S. cases: 4,705,889
  • U.S. new cases: 70,904
  • U.S. deaths: 156,747
  • U.S. recovered: 2,327,572
  • U.S. Daily fatalities: 1,462


  • Texas cases: 433,276 with 8,843 new cases
  • Texas deaths: 6,703 – 322  Today
  • Dallas County cases: 49,976
  • Dallas County new cases:  707
  • Dallas County deaths: 671 – 7 today








July 23, 2020 U.S. Covid-19 Death Rate Analysis:

Back in early February, this rapidly developing pandemic sidelined what was to be the trip of a lifetime. We would fly into Hong Kong (our 3rd visit to one of our favorite cities) and spend 3 weeks exploring Thailand, Vietnam and come back out of Singapore.

But no.

The Coronavirus eviscerated our plans in short order. I saw it coming long before anyone else would admit this was really bad and would get considerably worse.


Being the data junkie that I am, I started a blog on this topic with an embedded spreadsheet tracking all the substantial hot zones around the world.

I have been observing something very interesting for a long time.

Watching the trends, the new case graphs reveal a repeating mountain range effect. This is something I’ve come to expect and with only minor variations, it holds true.

Days with the lowest numbers are generally Sunday. Now it seems unlikely that “Death Takes a Holiday” (great movie) on the (christian) Sabbath. So what is the explanation?

Does everyone take the same day off and not report new cases or fatalities on Sunday?


Half of these cases would be on the other side of the date line. Right?


If this is true, one would expect a spike in reported cases on Monday when they tabulate the weekend numbers not reported and upload them.


But no.

You will observe cases rising through the week to peak mid-week, then decrease to Sunday’s low and repeat.

What the hell is the explanation for this?

Look at this graph I just generated from the historic record.

These are U.S. reported fatalities per day.

The red S is Sunday

Note the single anomalous Monday in the graph. Also note July 4th was almost a parallel low to the 5th.

You cannot convince me that people wait to die until Wednesday.


Awaiting your comments.

April 12, 2020 2 Week Trend Analysis:

Some good news on the #COVID19 front.

A little trend analysis of the last 2 weeks.

While we still don’t have a solid 2 week decrease of any significance, the last few days DO show a steady decrease in daily numbers.

  • We are trending globally at 35.95% recovery rate. This is a big improvement from even a week ago. It goes up steadily now.
  • The global mortality rate is currently at 6.73%, down from a high of 7.01% on 4/23. It is slowly declining every day now.

U.S. Percentages:

  • Recovery rate: 18.92%. As you can see this is roughly half the world average.
  • Mortality rate: 5.90%, which is slightly better than the global rate.
  1. Russia is trending higher every day at a rate of about 11,000 new cases per day.
    They are currently in the #3 position for case totals at 232,243 cases.
  2. The U.S. is in the #1 position with almost 1.4 million cases.
  3. Spain is 2nd with 286,000 cases and climbing.
    The UK is close behind.
  4. Brazil also is trending higher every day with 6,000 – 11,000 new cases per day.
  5. India is spiking with upwards of 3,000 new cases daily.

The full tracking spreadsheet is easy to spot by the rows of highly constasting colors below.  If you want to see all the hot zone numbers, scroll through it.

Avi Schiffman’s Coronavirus tracker was rickrolled a couple of days ago, so I took it off the blog temporarily.











April 27,2020

Pity America Local PDF of this article

An article by Fintan O’Toole of The Irish Times












Below is the running spreadsheet with the most important statistics of this ever widening pandemic.

Farther down the page are two different SAFE live coronavirus trackers by Johns Hopkins and Avi Schiffmann

There are malware infested FAKE trackers and you should avoid those like the plague <rimshot>. This article gives more info on the ‘Coronavirus Maps’ tracker which is loaded with malware.

Coronavirus Daily / Cumulative Statistics Spreadsheet

April 23, 2020:  Updates to the spreadsheet.

Inserted additional Left column to calculate the change between today and yesterday.

A second sheet has been added to the spreadsheet to show ONLY the last 24 hour stats compared.

See U.S. Cause of Death progression as the coronavirus progresses.  Click to enlarge

Updated 6-11-2020

Local #Covid19 News:

Coronavirus Resource Listings:  Find Help Here

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What you need to know about coronavirus

Should you wear a mask?
Update March 3, 2020 - COVER YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH

March 3, 2020:

CDC Advises everyone to wear a cloth mask / face covering when outside or with other people.

CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies), especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.

CDC also advises the use of simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others.  Cloth face coverings fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials at low cost can be used as an additional, voluntary public health measure.

(Shameless plug for my art scarves)

You can be stylish AND protected:

Our president went on the air a couple of days ago and said we could use scarves over our faces as protection.

… Well, I suppose a scarf is better than nothing – and folding one over a few times would certainly help.  And they are STYLISH.  Make a statement AND follow the CDC guidelines at the same time!

… And I sell LOTS of them

You should have two or three scarves so you have wash one while wearing another.

AND — we have a wide assortment of Face Masks in all these designs too!

If you order 4 or more you save a lot.  Order yours today!

Take a look at this one:













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This is the old advisory, now superseded:

Health authorities have said that healthy people generally shouldn’t need to wear masks as protection against the coronavirus. But that hasn’t stopped people from rushing to stock up on surgical masks, creating shortages and even prompting the U.S. surgeon general to tell Americans to stop buying them. According to the World Health Organization, the only people who need to wear the masks are people with symptoms of the illness and medical workers dealing with potential coronavirus patients.


Back to our original topic:

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Why it is SO Hard to Pin Down Covid-19

Watch this video and learn:


Watch this interview from Doctor Anthony Fauci.

This is the one person you should be listening to.  This interview will answer most, if not all of your questions about the coronavirus.



Covid-19 and Disinfectants – a Crash Course


A video (allegedly) from a doctor in Spain

(unverified at this time)

He is crying as he alleges that over age 65 patients are being taken off ventilators to die in Madrid.

Please open in YouTube to like, comment and share.

Let me know if you can verify the veracity or debunk this.

But still… STAY THE HELL HOME, please.

You need to see this graph.

These are the coronavirus growth stats for just the month of March 2020 to date.

Click to enlarge.

March 2020 Coronavirus Growth

March 2020 Coronavirus Growth







More importantly – Statistical analysis of Covid-19 demographics for hospitalization

Note the numbers for age 20-44, for all of you who think it only effects old people.


As of March 16, a total of 4,226 COVID-19 cases had been reported in the United States, with reports increasing to 500 or more cases per day beginning March 14 (note:  At the time of this post, we have 54,968 reported cases in the U.S.)

This article from Buzzfeed is more current and addresses the issue of younger people (you know, the bright ones out partying and getting infected) being a huge hit on our healthcare system.

Among 2,449 patients with known age:

  • 6% were aged ≥85
  • 25% were aged 65–84 years
  • 18% each were aged 55–64 years and 45–54 years
  • 29% were aged 20–44 years (Figure 2).
  • 5% of cases occurred in persons aged 0–19 years.

Among 508 (12%) patients known to have been hospitalized

  • 9% were aged ≥85 years
  • 36% were aged 65–84 years
  • 17% were aged 55–64 years
  • 18% were 45–54 years
  • 20% were aged 20–44 years
  • Less than 1% of hospitalizations were among persons aged ≤19 years
  • The percentage of persons hospitalized increased with age, from 2%–3% among persons aged ≤19 years, to ≥31% among adults aged ≥85 years. (Table).

Among 121 patients known to have been admitted to an ICU:

  • 7% of cases were reported among adults ≥85 years
  • 46% among adults aged 65–84 years,
  • 36% among adults aged 45–64 years
  • 12% among adults aged 20–44 years
  • No ICU admissions were reported among persons aged ≤19 years.
  • Percentages of ICU admissions were lowest among adults aged 20–44 years (2%–4%) and highest among adults aged 75–84 years (11%–31%)

Among 44 cases with known outcome:

  • 15 (34%) deaths were reported among adults aged ≥85 years
  • 20 (46%) among adults aged 65–84 years
  • 9 (20%) among adults aged 20–64 years
  • Case-fatality percentages increased with increasing age, from no deaths reported among persons aged ≤19 years to highest percentages (10%–27%) among adults aged ≥85 years



This ain't no party

This ain’t no party

Life During Wartime” lyrics
The Talking Heads

This could be the Covid-19 anthem.

Thoughts during Quarantine:















Want to see the Covid-19 projections for your state?

Click on the map for the interactive website









Novel Coronavirus Facts.

How long can it live on surfaces?

Well, that’s an interesting topic. The virus has been found on the infected cruise ship 17 days after all the passengers left.

The generally accepted data is this:

  • Aerosol = 4 hours
    (yes it can be aerosolized – you breathe out the virus.  Other people breathe it in)
  • Copper = 4 hours
  • Cardboard = 24 hours
  • Stainless Steel = 72 hours
  • Plastic = 72 hours
  • Glass = 96 hours

Is the virus alive?

No.  This is not a living organism.  That is what makes it so difficult to detect and kill.  By the time you know you’re sick, it has been replicating in your body for days (or weeks) and you’ve been spreading it all over hell’s half acre.

What is the incubation time for the virus?

Currently availbable data indicate up to 21 days before symptoms appear.
During this time you are “shedding” the virus everywhere you go.

Will hot and humid weather kill the Novel Coronavirus?

No.  It survives in all climates.  Remember, when it is summer in the northern hemisphere it is winter in the southern hemisphere.  The virus is thriving everywhere but Antarctica at this time.

Will UV light disinfect your skin from this virus?

NO. Do NOT use UV light as a disinfectant.  It is ineffective for this purpose and can cause skin irrritation.

Is Listerine a good disinfectant?

NO.  It is only 26% alcohol.
You need at least 60% alcohol to break down the virus.

How is Coronavirus transmitted?

It was originally thought it was only transmitted via droplets.  These would come from someone coughing or sneezing.  The droplets contained in the expectoration would land on various surfaces, then be picked up on someone’s hand and  transferred to the face, where the virus would enter the body via eyes, nose or mouth.  Which is true.  However…  We now know aerosolized droplets can also transmit the virus as far as 15 feet away.  In other words, micro-droplets can remain in the air and travel up to 15 feet from the source.  They can remain suspended in the air for an unknown amount of time.  So…  You breathing in the infected air that someone else breathed out – from across the room – can infect you.

So back to the original question of how the virus is transmitted.

  • Via contaminated surfaces like handrails, doorknobs, telephones, TV remote controls, shopping carts, etc.
  • Direct droplet contamination when someone nearby coughs or sneezes.
  • Aerosolized micro-droplets in the air.
  • Direct touch from someone infected.


Honest Government”  Genius NSFW Video from The Juice Media:


Update March 12, 2020

OK, Listen UP, People!

This blog officially shifts gears TODAY and becomes an info-rant™ (I just coined that word) on the abundant lack of good sense regarding this friggin’ pandemic.

Here’s the deal.  This Coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 (disease name Covid-19)  is NOT the goddamned FLU.  I am so sick of seeing social media posts to the effect of “fake news” or “media hype” and “It’s just the flu so don’t panic.”  The amazing ability for theoretically intelligent people to ignore the facts is astounding.  Because the Tangerine CockWomble currently prowling the oval office started out by claiming this was a “hoax” perpetrated by the Democrats apparently resonated with a lot of delusional people.

Well, fine…

The gene pool has been in dire need of a large infusion of chlorine for decades now.

Perhaps this is the solution we need.

I have lamented more times than I can possibly count on the complete and total lack of “common sense” in American society.  Good sense still exists (in small enclaves of intelligent adults) but continues in declining supply.  Good sense becomes common sense when it is taught and reinforced to us on a daily basis by a combination of example (usually by our parents) and painful mistakes.  For whatever reason, the basic instruction on daily good sense seems to have skipped large swaths of our population.  So much so, that NOW – in the face of an actual, verifiable, documented PANDEMIC, far too many people still refuse to believe the “media hype” because their “little tin god” (nod to Don Henley) decried it as “a hoax”.

The coronavirus does not care what you think. It does have feelings though. And it especially hates those who deny its existence. The virus is cruising along from handrail – to doorknob – to hand – to face – to nose – to lung – and mid-hop it hears some dimwit call the virus a hoax and says “oh no he DI-NT!!” and makes a hard left right into the flapping yap that said it.
And that’s how you get Covid-19

Allow me to insert one of my favorite phrases here:

“Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”


Someone at work comes up to you, pats you on the back and says “hey, what are you doing for lunch?”

Some time later, you start hearing giggles in the vicinity from time to time and are not sure what that’s about.  Is it because you have a length of toilet paper stuck to your heel or is it the sign your co-worker stuck to your back that says “I got dressed in the dark”?

See what I mean?  Just because you can’t see it doesn’t make it not exist.

Extrapolating further:

Just because you don’t believe it, doesn’t make it untrue.

Back to my original rant…

Therefore the great unwashed masses believe the propaganda and refuse to take appropriate steps because “it’s just the flu.”  OK.  Some very smart people (you know, the kind with a string of letters before and after their names — like Dr., PhD, etc…) have predicted this “just the flu” will be impossible to stop in any reasonably short time, and as a result will kill possibly millions of people.  Hell, the actual flu kills as many as half a million people some years all by itself.

  • And we have vaccines for that.
  • And actual treatment
    (Want to know why we don’t have a cure?  Read this.)
  • We have neither for coronavirus.
  • It is NOT going away when the warmer season comes along (watch 30 minutes into the full length Joe Rogan video below)
    Little geography lesson for everyone who is mystified by this concept:  When it is cold in one hemisphere, it is HOT in the other.  See how that works?  The entire planet does not just change temperature in the same direction globally.  so that entire line of reasoning defies science.  Is this clear yet?
  • Even if you recover from Covid-19, a percentage of patients lose 20%-30% of lung function and find themselves gasping for breath at a quick walk.
  • Recovered patients who were scanned, sustained organ damage.  Long term ill effects.
  • So…  Follow along here for the logical conclusion.

If all these dim bulbs fomenting the “DON’T PANIC” approach, (Loosely translated “just go on with your daily life”) do exactly that, they will most likely contract this coronavirus and statistically (at this point) roughly 4% of those will succumb to the disease, thus add a little clarity to our ever cloudier gene pool.  To which I issue a hearty “THANKS!”

A few pertinent facts:

The flu has an average mortality rate of .1% averaged over 10 years.  This particular season is closer to 9%.

Coronavirus is currently averaging 3.70% mortality.  It is highly age-dependent though. The older you are, the higher the mortality index as you can see below.

  • People in their 50s = 1.3%
  • 60s = 4%
  • 70s = 8%
  • 80s and up = 14%
  • So the older you are, the more at risk you are.
  • Disclaimer:  Keep in mind these numbers are based on currently available data.  A Johns Hopkins professor had gone on record to say we may already have at least 500,000 cases in the U.S. alone.  We don’t know because we have only tested less than 20,000 people to date.  We have over 330 MILLION people in this country and we have tested only a fraction of a percent of those.  So.  What we have for statistics is based on the currently reported numbers.  The reported numbers will change dramatically.  This will likely reduce all the percentages, but educated people project we will still be looking at mortality rates of at least 10x the seasonal flu.
  • Therefore, YES, Corona is Worse than the Flu
  • The Covid-19 Report presented to world leaders


Just to clarify (see how I worked that in again?) further, I do not recommend panic buying of bottled water, toilet paper, face masks, protective gloves and hand sanitizer.

To quote from one of my favorite observers of the human condition – George Carlin:

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

Another of my favorite sayings:

“In all things you are either part of the solution or part of the problem”

(Prove me wrong)

Bottled water? Seriously? Look, unless you live in Flint, Michigan (and dammit why hasn’t this been fixed?) or another community with sludge coming out of your taps… What the hell is wrong with tap water? Most American cities have decent tap water with few exceptions. Why the hell are you stocking up on bottled water? It is inefficient and contributes to the plastic destruction of this planet. Just stop it.  I used to drink out of a hose when I was a kid and I’m still here.

And Toilet Paper… How they hell much toilet paper do you use in a month? Don’t answer that. Don’t you generally have a month’s supply of toilet paper anyway? All this crazy panic buying has caused everyone to run out of the staple items. This hysteria is not making the problem better. It makes it worse. Take a breath (not near someone who seems unwell) and just try and avoid crowds. Can you see the problem with that statement? Everyone going into full panic mode and stocking up on the essentials like the world is going to end tomorrow causes crowds in the stores. The exact opposite of what we need at this moment.  This is what I did on March 26th.  I went to the store early – and hour after it opened.  I made a bee-line to the paper products aisle and found TOILET PAPER!  Yay!  So I took ONE 12-pack of low-end TP and left the rest for other people.  Because they WILL get more.  This will all work out if we act reasonably.  Taking 182 rolls of toilet paper is RUDE.  And STUPID. If you need that much TP, you should see a gastroenterologist.  NOW.

And whatever you do, DON’T drink bleach as some people have recommended. And don’t fall for snake oil salesmen like the wackjob preacher Jim Bakker who has been hawking ridiculous supplements like colloidal silver as a “cure” for coronavirus. There is no cure at this time. It will be at least 4 months before there is any real treatment. A vaccine is at best, 12-18 months away according to anyone who seems to know the facts.

5 Million Cell Phones in China Have Gone Dark
(and it’s because all these people are DEAD)


This is not true at all.  Actually a lot more than that have gone dark, but not because all of those people are dead.  They have simply decommissioned redundant phones. Here is the full story by AP News.

Meanwhile, prepare for some harsh reality. Not everyone can (or should) be saved if we don’t seriously flatten the curve. I know, you don’t like the sound of that. But in emergency situations, triage dictates you save the people who have the best chance at a successful outcome with the resources at hand – and allow the ones who require too many resources to expire. For instance: When faced with 2 victims that require the same resource (like a ventilator) and you only have one of that resource, you have to allocate the ventilator to the the one with the best odds. In this case, probably the younger one who has more contributory years to give to society. Therefore, the seniors (especially with underlying negative conditions) will in some cases have to be sacrificed to allow the younger and healthier to survive.  Some simple math on what to expect when the shit hits the fan in here in the good old U.S. of A.

So what can you do to NOT be part of the problem? 

And NOT get Covid-19…

  1. Wash your hands every chance you get.
  2. STAY HOME except to get food or medicine or walk the dog.  Period.
  3. Don’t HOARD supplies.  Never buy more than 2 of anything.  Everybody needs provisions.  Don’t be THAT asshole.
  4. If you’ve got it, use hand sanitizer EVERY TIME you get in your car.  BEFORE you touch the steering wheel or anything else, sanitize.
  5. Don’t touch your face.
  6. Wear a mask whenever you are outside (this helps you achieve point #5)
  7. Wearing gloves when shopping is a waste of time.  Don’t do it.  Just SANITIZE before driving away.  If you pick up coronavirus on your gloves and touch your face – or the steering wheel – or your keys – you have just transferred the virus to those surfaces.  Got it?
  8. If you refuse to listen to point #7, don’t be the ASSHOLE that leaves your dirty gloves, wipes and masks in the shopping cart or on the floor when you leave wherever you were shopping.
  9. Only ONE family member goes out when you need food.  Don’t take the Whole.Damned.Family shopping, OK?
  10. Exercise social distancing.  Coronavirus is aerosolized.  In other words, air breathed out by an infected person and breathed in by you will infect you.
  11. Don’t congregate.  Literally, don’t get anywhere near other people not in your household.
  12. You CAN organize a neighborhood get-together as long as everyone wears masks and stays 15 feet from any other person.
  13. Exercise.  YouTube has lots of good exercise videos.  Staying healthy and active is crucial. Yoga is very beneficial.
  14. Meditate.  Calm and center yourself at least once a day.
  15. Don’t listen to Trump.  He will either A: Make you crazy,  B: Confuse the hell out of you or C: Make you shoot your TV.
  16. DON’T get all excited about posts, memes or videos that SOUND CRAZY.  Remember:  If it sounds like a mental case wrote it, Don’t Believe It.  Feel free to message me with crazy looking advice, memes, etc.  There are new Covid-19 HOAXES every day.  Anything that speaks too loudly to your existing beliefs – or blows those beliefs out of the water with a small nuclear device – is a HOAX.
  17. The 24 hour news of Covid-19 statistics can be very anxiety producing.  Turn OFF the news if you feel anxious and listen to some soothing music.
  18. Read a book.  Hell, read a dozen of them.  We have plenty of time for that.
  19. Learn a new skill.  It can be a language, craft, calligraphy, anything.  Try to improve yourself.  The Internet abounds with options.
  20. Create art.  We all need to create SOMETHING to feel complete.  It doesn’t have to be fine art.  It can be doodle art.  Sketch.  Photography.  Anything with permanence is fulfilling.  And…
  21. Make a nice, encouraging chalk sidewalk art / sign.  Or create a yard sign.  Or a window sign.
  22. Do your own nails.  You aren’t going to the damned nail salon under these conditions, right?  Because that would be S.T.U.P.I.D.
  23. On the other hand do NOT cut your own hair.  It will not be pretty.  Unless your spouse cuts hair… Wear a HAT.
  24. Clean the house.  It is very rewarding – and amounts to a certain amount of exercise.  You’ll be surprised at how many steps you use in just cleaning the house.  Your cleaning lady is NOT still coming in to clean is she?  Because that, too is S.T.U.P.I.D. (and very risky)
  25. Plant some new flowers and nurture them.
  26. When mail or deliveries arrive, spray or wipe them with disinfectant while OUTSIDE.  Spray or wipe all sides of envelopes and packages.  After you open them, spray the contents on all sides OUTSIDE.  THEN, and only then, bring the contents indoors.  And WASH YOUR HANDS immediately.
  27. Encourage others to do all of the above.

Download this list to share

Outdoor art examples:




One of my pet peeves.

Not getting your children vaccinated throws a monkey wrench into all the hard work done to eliminate debilitating and sometimes fatal diseases worldwide.

Here”s an article on the anti-vaxxer position that is finally seeing some scientific reasons to shift, now that Covid-19 is killing a lot of people.  And we don’t have a vaccine.  Or treatment.  And won’t for many months (over a year for a vaccine).

Note to anti-vaxxers everywhere:  If you choose not to be vaccinated against this, I would appreciate being written into your will.  Just add Warren Paul Harris in Dallas, Texas (there is only one) as your sole beneficiary.


Look at this picture of twins in the early 1900s.

The one on the left has smallpox.

The one on the right was vaccinated against smallpox.








And just to clarify (see, continuing to work that in) Why the U.S. is SO far behind the curve on this mess:

Trump Disbanded the Pandemic Unit in 2018

“One year later I was mystified when the White House dissolved the office, leaving the country less prepared for pandemics like COVID-19,” Beth Cameron, the first director of the unit, wrote in an op-ed Friday in The Washington Post.

She said the directorate was set up to be the “smoke alarm” and get ahead of emergencies and sound a warning at the earliest sign of fire — “all with the goal of avoiding a six-alarm fire.”

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Moving right along and making a slight left into the WTF category…

An alarming number of Republicans want to kill off the old people.

On March 24,2020, our very own Lieutenant Governor (of Texas) Dan Patrick said he thought it acceptable for us to reopen the country (relax all the restrictions) so the economy would recover.  Even if a bunch of old people die, that would be a small price to pay for restarting the economy.  You’ll find that story further down the page.  Just search on Dan Patrick.

This was the tipping point where our government (the Republican component of it at least) became top-heavy with ideas of grandeur and toppled into the abyss of Stalinesque madness.

One after another, politicians and pundits from the ultra-conservative side of our government jumped into the flaming basket as it hurtled into the chasm of no return.  Even our president tweeted (how else could be expect to find out about this) “WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF.”

In another tweet, our embarrassment in chief blathered thusly:

The LameStream Media is the dominant force in trying to get me to keep our Country closed as long as possible in the hope that it will be detrimental to my election success. The real people want to get back to work ASAP. We will be stronger than ever before!

And of course Glenn Beck had to hurl his soul onto the pyre with this gem:

“I would rather have my children stay home and have all of us who are over 50 go in and keep this economy going and working,” Beck said. “Even if we all get sick, I’d rather die than kill the country. Because it’s not the economy that’s dying, it’s the country.”

And then there is this:

“It seems harsh to ask whether the nation might be better off letting a few hundred thousand people die,” Jonathan Ashbach argued on Tuesday. “Yet honestly facing reality is not callous, and refusing even to consider whether the present response constitutes an even greater evil than the one it intends to mitigate would be cowardly.”

Here is a great Buzzfeed article on the same topic.
Trump’s death cult finally says it: Time to kill the “useless eaters” for capitalism

And this:

I find it fascinating that the “family values” party (You know…  The ones who want to force women to carry any baby to term, yet have no interest in helping in that process or adopting the baby after it is born.) who are gung-ho on being Pro-Life (actually just pro-birth) but are SO ready to throw potentially tens or hundreds of thousands of the elderly under the bus.  You know.  The campaign bus.  The one with der fuhrer at the wheel.

And I thought our administration could not possibly be more of an embarrassment…

Every time I think Trump has lowered the bar as far as possible, he surprises me again.  Currently, the bar is so low, earthworms need an excavator to burrow under it.




Covid-19 Risk Factors

Let’s take a look at the high risk factors in the United States that will put a lot of people in hospitals.

  1. We have a lot of older people here. Boomers are the 2nd largest segment of the population at 73 million people.
  2. 16.9% or 55.7 million Americans are over 70
  3. 30.9% or 101 million Americans are obese.
  4. 34.2 million Americans have diabetes (10.5% of the population.)
  5. 40 million Americans are still stupid enough to smoke.
  6. 9 million adults in the U.S. vape.
  7. 3.6 million kids in the U.S. vape.
  8. All of these people are at high risk in this pandemic.


I see lots of Americans complaining that being forced to stay home and not work is an insurmountable hardship. This is a very real problem. Even for people like myself who are self employed, it’s not like I can get unemployment or any other supplemental income to tide me over. But I don’t live paycheck-to-paycheck like many people in this country.  Current estimates are that 45% of Americans ARE in this category.  These people are counting on that paycheck every 2 weeks.  And now that is GONE.  Nothing is replacing it.  Yet their expenses continue unabated.

Here’s a suggestion.

What if the federal government put the brakes on our financial system.


  • No mortgage payments for the duration.
  • Therefore no rent payments for the same time.
    Landlords who own rental property outright can be incentivized to freeze rents.
  • No car payments.
  • Freeze interest on all debts.
  • Freeze credit card payments and penalties.
  • Freeze all utility bills
  • Freeze all cell phone bills
  • Everyone gets a breather while we get a handle on this pandemic.
  • After the dust clears, everything put on hold is given an extension (frozen month(s) added to the end of the contractual term.

Your thoughts?

Watch This Video with Infectious Disease Expert Michael Osterholm:

Michael Osterholm is an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology. He is Regents Professor, McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair in Public Health, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Division of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, a professor in the Technological Leadership Institute, College of Science and Engineering, and an adjunct professor in the Medical School, all at the University of Minnesota.
Look for his book “Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Deadly Germs”
for more info.

This is the first 15 minutes (or so)

Watch the entire 90 minutes here:

Something y’all may not know is this: In a crisis with limited resources and time, triage is critical and you may not get the care you need, based on a variety of checklist items. Given that this virus attacks your lungs, and is more problematic with age, what is frequently required to keep you alive while you heal is a constant pressure ventilator. There are a finite number of these. Triage dictates you assign limited resources to those most likely to have the best outcome. Therefore, if you are older and have underlying contributing conditions, you may just be left to die while a younger patient with a projected better outcome receives the ventilator.

This is apparently happening right now in Italy.

This would not be the case had Italy responded faster to this inevitable viral onslaught. The United States is making the very same mistake and you could be the next victim.

And here is a letter from an ER Doctor at Baylor in Texas

“I know I’ve been uncharacteristically silent about the coronavirus, but I’ve had enough at this point. The number of people who call this “media hysteria” or a “political hoax” or want to point out the mortality rates of the flu, cancer, or obesity…do you want to come work my shifts? Do you want to expose yourself to patients in respiratory failure day after day? When we run out of ICU beds and vents, do you want the responsibility of telling your mom, dad, aunts, uncles, friends, and family that I can’t intubate them because we just don’t have the resources? Do you want to tell the kids of 30 and 40 year old patients that their parent is going to die and we can’t do anything to stop it? Do you want to look at the parents of a 20 something year old and tell them their previously healthy son or daughter might not survive? Because these are REAL possibilities. This is ACTUALLY what is happening around the world.”

Keep Reading

On the other hand…  DO believe the statements of very intelligent people.  To Wit:








Here’s an excellent infographic on Social Distancing:

Social Distancing

Social Distancing










Follow These Recommendations to not become a victim of Covid-19


Always know where your hands are
(hint: NOT on your face)

Always have Purell available and use it

Always wear a mask so you learn how not to touch your face

Stay 3-6 feet away from everyone

Shrink your social circle.  Limit your contacts to just those 3 or 4 people


Surgical masks are in short supply.  The N95 masks should go to our healthcare workers trying to save the lives on Covid-19 victims.

If you have any of these N95 masks DONATE THEM TO THE NEAREST HOSPITAL.

Our president went on the air a couple of days ago and said we could use scarves over our faces as protection.

… Well, I suppose it’s better than nothing.

And I sell LOTS of them

Take a look:












Continuing on…

If you get this disease…Don’t be cavalier if / when you get symptoms.Isolate yourself

If you’re short of breath GO TO THE HOSPITAL



A little light reading as a diversion…

How Coronavirus Hijacks Your Cells:

Observations from a woman who runs a primary care clinic serving over 3,500 patients and has a Masters in Public Health:

Initial post: 03/11/2020

By Bernadette Bell Ferraro

“Here comes the ‘it’s just like the flu’ comments. And before they do…For everyone saying, “The flu kills so many more people annually, why are we so worried about coronavirus?” – here’s my public health perspective. I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve attended multiple coronavirus trainings this week specific to healthcare professionals, (given by credentialed healthcare professionals and based on the latest research) I run a primary care clinic that serves over 3,500 patients annually, and I have a Masters in Public Health. My whole week has been taken over by coronavirus PPE supply ordering, coronavirus test ordering, coronavirus test training, coronavirus identification, and coronavirus process. My information is not coming from Buzzfeed.

This new coronavirus, COVID-19, has a higher death rate than the flu, very little research, no vaccine, no treatment, and is easily transmittable – so it needs to be CONTAINED. Whether you think so or not – it’s dangerous and should be taken seriously. There’s a reason State and City Departments of Health are planning and reacting. It’s not because they think it’s fun to shut down schools, cancel parades, or watch the economy tank. Believe me, they’d rather be spending their time on other things too. We have no other way of stopping it right now, and it’s not slowing down any other way. Letting it spread would be catastrophic. Why?”

Continue Reading

How Covid-19 KILLS

Watch this video as a Texas doctor explains how Covid-19 KILLS.

Just in case you think you might be part of the 80% who don’t need hospitalization (mild cases)


How Coronavirus Kills

Just in case you’re curious about this topic, watch this video:

And if your only source of information is Fox News, then you need to read this article RIGHT NOW.










Young and Unafraid?  Good for You.  Now Stop Killing People!









Where This Blog Started in the First Place

February 10, 2020:

We were scheduled to board a Singapore Airlines flight to Hong Kong in 2 days.  Thereafter we would be on the Celebrity Millennium cruise ship and gone a total of 3 weeks in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore.

But then the friggin’ coronavirus went out of control.  As you might imagine, we were very concerned.  The majority of people infected are in our age group and the recovery rate at the time of this post is a pitiful 8%.  And my wife is highly susceptible to bronchitis and pneumonia.


We canceled our trip.

You would (or should) too!

U.S. State Department Issues Cruise Travel Warning










The very last thing we want is to be quarantined in a foreign country with no idea when we can get home,

  • On a ship
  • In a hotel
  • In a hospital
  • Anywhere in fact.


For everyone concerned about the status of this outbreak (not yet pandemic status but it seems to be ambitious and headed that way)…

About 4 months ago Eric Toner, a scientist at Johns Hopkins predicted a coronavirus pandemic that would leave 65 million dead.…

March 9, 2020 update:

In recent days the U.S. State Department has issued and advisory that states the following:
“U.S. citizens, particularly travelers with underlying health conditions, should not travel by cruise ship,”

“CDC notes increased risk of infection of COVID-19 in a cruise ship environment. In order to curb the spread of COVID-19, many countries have implemented strict screening procedures that have denied port entry rights to ships and prevented passengers from disembarking. In some cases, local authorities have permitted disembarkation but subjected passengers to local quarantine procedures. While the U.S. government has evacuated some cruise ship passengers in recent weeks, repatriation flights should not be relied upon as an option for U.S. citizens under the potential risk of quarantine by local authorities.”

This advice should apply to planes too.  How many of us have been on a flight somewhere and 2 days later developed some lovely viral infection?  Show of hands?  That’s what I thought.  This has been our experience more than once.  No matter how careful you are, you are in a flying petri dish for several hours (sometimes all day) and it is what we call a “closed-loop” system.  In other words, no air is exchanged with the outside world.  Air is recirculated through the plane continuously.  Therefore, if one person is sick with anything that can be aerosolized, congratulations!  You’ve got it too!  Have you noticed when people are walking through the plane to the lavatories (or just for exercise on long flights) that they use the headrest of your seat for balance.  And everyone else’s seat too.  So any viral or bacterial infection they may have – or the last person heading back from the lavatory may have picked up – is now on your seat.  So when YOU get up and put YOUR hand in the same place…  All you have to do is touch your face and VOILA!  Welcome to infectious disease central!

However…  You will NEVER be quarantined on a PLANE.  They will disembark you and hustle you into some structure appropriate to this task.

More or less the same thing happens on cruise ships.  They are also pressurized.  You have have had a cabin door open the same time the sliding door to the veranda was open and noticed the vortex that resulted.  This is due to the positive cabin pressure.  Where do you suppose all that air pressure comes from?  A giant air handler system that recirculates a lot of ship air.  Like any good air conditioning system, there should be a small percentage of “fresh” air mixed in from the outside, but in warmer waters, you should expect little to none of that.  The humidity would wreak havoc on the A/C system.  So assume it is a closed-loop system like a plane.  Therefore a FLOATING petri dish.  Cruises tend to have an abundance of elderly passengers.  Especially cruises with lots of at-sea days.  Many of these passengers are less stable than the younger set.  Therefore, they are going to touch more surfaces for support.  Therefore, when one of them in contagious, they tend to spread it around pretty well.  These are all good reasons to avoid cruise ships during a pandemic.

A cruise ship makes for a very convenient quarantine facility.  Not a very well equipped facility, but the odds of someone UN-quarantining themselves is pretty slim.  It’s not like you’re going to jump overboard and make a swim for it when you’re sick, right?

Here is what the CDC advises regarding cruise ship travel during this Coronavirus pandemic

Of course.

Here is some good advice from a smart person (actual epidemiologist)

March 2, 2020 update:

Since late February I have stated that I felt this was just starting and a pandemic was brewing.  As time has gone by, I continue to believe this and evidence mounts in that direction.  The virus is now in 67 countries and it has finally popped up in central Africa as well as South America.  These are the two countries that concern the US military when senator Tom Cotton addresses the topic.  Their ability to deal with a pandemic is minimal compared to more developed continents (with the exception of DRC, which has been battling Ebola for years now).  Now we all wait and see.  At this time, Mexico has 5 infections, The Dominican Republic also has 1 infection and Germany has spiked to number 6 worldwide with 130 cases.

I have seen a growing number of social media posts where people generally say something to the effect of “don’t panic.  The flu is a lot worse and we deal with that every year.”

While it certainly is true we deal with the flu annually, is it actually worse than Covid-19?  Well that depends on how you look at it.  The CDC Flu page yields a lot of information about this topic.  For a comparative analysis of mortality rates of the flu compared to Covid-19, read this article.

I have repeated the theory that the virus could have come from a bio lab in Wuhan, which is the epicenter.  This makes some sense, given the logistics.  Since China is not well known for transparency in the past, this starts to sound more plausible all the time.  More news sources are floating this possibility every day.  Investigations continue along these lines and we may find out in the near future that this is an engineered pathogen, but Michael Osterholm has debunked that theory and feels certain the virus came from a pangolin in a wild animal wet market, as China initially claimed.  Watch the news video at the bottom of this article if this interests you.

According to this CNN article, researchers have found HIV and Ebola-like mutations in Covid-19 that are not found in nature.  Therefore the belief is that this coronavirus variation was made in a lab.  And since there is a biological research lab in Wuhan at the epicenter of the outbreak, logic leads one to suspect this as the source.  As opposed to the wild animal market as was originally blamed.

Regardless of the source, Covid-19 is highly transmissible and has characteristics that sound engineered:

There is so much we do not know about the coronavirus at this time, that all of this is a moving target.  Stay tuned for updates as they develop.

In addition to the bullet list above…

  1. Why would the Chinese be working with this live pathogen in the first place?
  2. If they are working with this bug, don’t they have a cure?
  3. How about a vaccination for it?
  4. What kind of containment do they have in place that failed or was it released intentionally?
  5. Who benefits from this pandemic?
    Hint:  Karius – Vision Fund (apparently with ties to Trump and Kushner) raises $165 Mil for this company)
    Also Gilead Sciences working on a treatment as yet not approved for mass distribution.
    More on Gilead Sciences here.
    More on the “who benefits from the pandemic” here.

There are probably a lot more questions, since this virus has the aforementioned unique qualities and our CDC has not been allowed at ground zero to evaluate all of this in real time.

Let’s all stay SAFE out there.

And some actually GOOD news regarding coronavirus:

New coronavirus protein, mapped in Chicago, reveals drug target

Thoughts on the Mortality Rate:

Speculating that things will get better at this point is just a wild guess.
And falls into the pollyannaish category.

What happens when this virus hits the higher density communities of seniors? You know, the Baby Boomers. Like, oh, I don’t know… Florida?
Wait. They already have cases in Florida…
Only 9 at the moment, but spread out in multiple locations. What happens if, as is typical, each one of them infects 2.5 others. And each one of those infects 2.5 others. Etc….

Some quick stats for mortality rates:
60s – 3.6%
70s – 8.0%
80s and up – 14.8%

Baby boomers make up what % of the population?


That is roughly 72 million people at the moment.
So if 8% of US die off when this pandemic reaches its worst possible case scenario, 5.7 million will die.

Maybe that doesn’t mean much to you. But those of us pushing 70 have a right be be concerned.
Paranoid? That would be silly.
Stocking up on masks, gloves, alcohol and bleach? That is also excessive.

But exercising caution in where we go and what we do?

NOT doing that would just be delusional – and stupid.

The milder cases that go unreported are statistically irrelevant. If you don’t know about it you can’t speculate about it. That is fuzzy logic and, again, irrelevant. We can only statistically analyze that which we can prove. Not what we suspect.

Some actual facts as opposed to speculation:

Here is a very informational Facebook Feed from Lorna Li

Here’s what an epidemiologist recently predicted on US television:


Here is a LIVE coronavirus tracker:

Disease name Covid-19

Virus name SARS-CoV-2


Secondary Coronavirus Tracker:

And last, but not least, a third and final (legit) Coronavirus tracker from Worldometers:

Want to know more about coronavirus(es)?

An Interesting Video from CNN

How the Coronavirus Became Political by Chris Cillizza


All of the Daily Statistics and Headlines have been archived on their own page

Go here to read them


March 16, 2020:

Not a headline but facepalm discussion:

A long time friend recently posted this bit of ill-conceived advice on social media:

States can’t “order”, without Marshal Law being declared first, any prohibitions on gatherings for the Corona/Wuhan virus. Also, for the younger crowd, I am wondering if it might be good to have some Corona “parties” (like in the past Chicken Pox Parties for kids) where groups get together with an infected person in order to get the virus, then get sick, to build the antibodies against it as there is not any antiviral remedy now or inoculation for it.

My initial response:

Given that there are well document long term effects of this virus, I would highly recommend against intentionally spreading Covid-19.

And my next response:

BTW: Yes, states most certainly can tell you to stay of the damned streets and stop infecting people. They can – and will – call our the National Guard if people don’t get their shit together. NONE of us want that. Do NOT give the government a reason to do this.

Then this bright soul said:

Krystal Garcia-Terryah
I’m with <name withheld to insulate the foolish> on this one. Speaking from a younger generation (lol), anytime there was a national disaster or any thing at this point social media was the first place you heard it. How many people have you seen post for help or videos showing them being turned away from a hospital? What about asking for prayer for sick family members with this viruses ? I’ve seen one in Italy  from an actor.  I’ve been through Europe recently and life was normal. There was no panic and their shelves were packed. There were no police roaming the streets looking for sick people and no one was wearing gloves or face masks. What I did see is that they had sanitizer available everywhere and wipes. It’s common since to wash our hands and not touch our face. Wearing a mask make you more acceptable. Why?! Because we aren’t use to wearing them so we continually touch them to adjust or pull them up or down with the same unwashed hands or gloves. We’re not throwing them away after taking it off just reusing it to save money. Common sense People can be lazy.

Look the media “news” has always hyped / over stretched the truth; that’s their job! How many fake YouTube videos did that make a big stink about for weeks before finding out it was fake?

At the end of the day, yes, there is this virus going around (that has been here for years) and we should take extra time to make sure to wash our hands and sanitize before using anything anything.

My thoughts:

This is exactly the kind of misguided thinking that is going to destroy our very way of life.


July 31st #COVID19 Status

Highest Growth Zones:

  • 70,904 New U.S. cases
  • 52,509 New Brazil cases
  • 5,482 New Russia cases
  • 57,704 New India cases – NEW RECORD
  • 8,458 Mexico cases
  • 9,007 New cases in Florida
  • Over 17 million Global cases
  • Global Deaths topped 682k
  • U.S. Cases topped 4.7 million
  • Over70k new U.S. cases

Details, Details, Details…:


  • Global cases: 17,757,513
  • Daily new cases: 288,761
  • Global deaths: 682,998 with 6,239 new deaths
  • Global recovered: 111,160,193
  • Mortality rate: 3.85%
  • Recovery rate: 62.85%


  • U.S. cases: 4,705,889
  • U.S. new cases: 70,904
  • U.S. deaths: 156,747
  • U.S. recovered: 2,327,572
  • U.S. Daily fatalities: 1,462


  • Texas cases: 433,276 with 8,843 new cases
  • Texas deaths: 6,703 – 322 Today
  • Dallas County cases: 49,976
  • Dallas County new cases: 707
  • Dallas County deaths: 671 – 7 today


Today’s Headlines

This doctor just endured the deadliest week of his career

(CNN) — Dr. Joseph Varon hasn’t had a day off in months.

Friday was his 134th consecutive day leading the coronavirus unit at Houston’s United Memorial Medical Center.

“If you ask me how the hell have I been able to survive for 134 days nonstop, I guess it’s adrenaline,” he said. “But I’m running on fumes. It’s tough.”

And last week was his toughest yet. With Houston dealing with a surge in Covid-19 cases, he signed more death certificates than he has at any point in his career.

“People were dying every day,” he said.

Varon’s workday starts early. Around 4:30 or 5 a.m., he heads to the hospital and goes straight to the coronavirus unit where he and his team go over each patient’s case.

Then he starts making the rounds.

“He’s involved with everything and very, very personal,” said photographer Callaghan O’Hare, who shadowed him several times over the past month. “He will sit on the bed with people and give them hugs and have a chat. It’s pretty incredible to watch.”

Continue reading








State Lab Finds 90 Positive COVID-19 Test Results Were False

Connecticut — Ninety people who received positive COVID-19 results did not have the virus, according to the state Department of Public Health.

The department said the state public health laboratory uncovered a flaw in one of the testing systems it uses to test for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and 90 of 144 people tested between June 15 and July 17 received a false positive COVID test report. Many are nursing home residents.

State officials said the flaw has been reported to the manufacturer and the federal Food and Drug Administration and DPH has taken immediate steps to make sure the patients are notified.

Continue reading
















First dog that tested positive for COVID-19 dies in NY

NEW YORK — A German shepherd in New York that had the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in a dog in the U.S. has died.

Robert and Allison Mahoney of Staten Island told National Geographic that their 7-year-old shepherd, Buddy, developed breathing problems in mid-April after Robert had been sick with the coronavirus for several weeks. A veterinarian tested Buddy in May and found him positive for the virus.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported in June that a German shepherd in New York state was the first dog in the country to test positive for COVID-19, but did not identify the owners.

Continue reading















‘This is real’ | Houston couple hospitalized for COVID-19 now warning others

HOUSTON — With mom, dad, and five children, life in the Aleman family is busy enough.

But the coronavirus has turned it upside down.

“It tore us apart, all my family is separated,” Arturo Aleman, who is hospitalized with COVID-19, said. “I’ve never been in the hospital like that before and for me, it was just heartbreaking to know my wife was in there also.”

Auturo Aleman and his wife Sandra were diagnosed with coronavirus back in June. By early July, they were both in the hospital after being admitted two days apart.

“One point I couldn’t walk anymore, I couldn’t function anymore,” the father said.

Arturo was able to leave the hospital over a week ago but was still suffering from a bad cough. However, his wife Sandra is still there fighting for her life.

“Her kidneys are failing,” her husband explained. “They found a blood clot in her left arm. Her muscles in her legs are not working so she cannot move them.”

He doesn’t know why he’s better and she’s not.

“We go day by day, hour by hour and see what they say,” he said.

But he’s sharing their story today – so you know that this is real.

“Once you get sick, it’s hard to fight it by yourself,” he said. “Some people can and some people can’t because not everybody is going to get hit the same.”

Continue reading














Coronavirus transmission “keeps accelerating” throughout the Americas

The Americas has reported the highest number of new Covid-19 cases globally for the past three months, Dr. Carissa Etienne, the director of the Pan American Health Organization, said Thursday. And the virus is spreading faster than ever. 

It’s been six months since coronavirus was declared a public health emergency of international concern. At that time, the Americas had only eight cases, with none reported in Latin America or the Caribbean, Etienne said at a briefing.

“No one could have imagined then what the future would bring. As we fast forward, we see a starkly different picture,” Etienne said.

Continue reading











Inside Brazil’s cult of hydroxychloroquine

Brasilia, Brazil (CNN)The police cavalry horses pranced through red dust towards an open grave nobody expected would be dug for Sgt. Jonas Mendonça. The 58-year-old military policeman was slightly overweight but otherwise healthy, his family says, when he got mild Covid-19 symptoms. Four days later, a fierce fever hit and he was hospitalized.

Following the advice of Brazil’s health ministry, Mendonça’s doctors gave him hydroxychloroquine, along with antibiotics, fever-reducing antipyretics and adrenaline, according to relatives.
“In the last two days [the doctors] were very hopeful,” said his daughter Thais Saturnino Mendonça. “The fever was over. The pulmonary and respiratory condition was evolving. It was good.”
Yet he died suddenly. “God’s will,” Thais said.

Covid-19 pandemic is “one big wave,” WHO says

(CNN) — Covid-19 is spreading in “one big wave” and is not affected by seasonal trends, according to World Health Organization (WHO) spokesperson Margaret Harris.

Coronavirus spikes recorded in European countries recently have typically been described as second waves.

But Harris characterised the virus as “one big wave” that “is going to go up and down a bit,” while addressing a virtual press briefing in Geneva Tuesday.

She also said Covid-19 did not appear to follow the seasonal trends of viruses such as influenza.

“The season does not seem to be affecting the transmission of this virus currently. What is affecting the transmission of this virus is mass gatherings, is people coming together and people not social distancing, not taking the precautions to ensure they’re not in close contact,” Harris said.
“People are still thinking about seasons. What we all need to get our heads around is this is a new virus and…this one is behaving differently.”

The WHO spokesperson also warned against complacency, while speaking to Irish radio station Newstalk Tuesday.

Continue reading











Trump’s New Favorite COVID Doctor Believes in Alien DNA, Demon Sperm…

A Houston doctor who praises hydroxychloroquine and says that face masks aren’t necessary to stop transmission of the highly contagious coronavirus has become a star on the right-wing internet, garnering tens of millions of views on Facebook on Monday alone. Donald Trump Jr. declared the video of Stella Immanuel a “must watch,” while Donald Trump himself retweeted the video.

Before Trump and his supporters embrace Immanuel’s medical expertise, though, they should consider other medical claims Immanuel has made—including those about alien DNA and the physical effects of having sex with witches and demons in your dreams. 

Immanuel, a pediatrician and a religious minister, has a history of making bizarre claims about medical topics and other issues. She has often claimed that gynecological problems like cysts and endometriosis are in fact caused by people having sex in their dreams with demons and witches.

Continue reading







The sheer willful ignorance and monumental stupidity of a vast swath of Americans is responsible for us being the WORST country for containing this pandemic.  We account for 4% of the population, yet have over 25% of the Covid-19 cases AND fatalities.  We should all be embarrassed by the fact that our leadership vacuum has created this disaster and that other countries are banning U.S. travelers BECAUSE of this.

Feel free to share this meme I created.
















For some more light reading, here is the WHO final report issued after their on-site evaluation of the brewing Covid-19 pandemic:


This video arrived via my Facebook messenger one afternoon.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton addressing coronavirus measures.


Just keep in mind anything you hear from any of our politicians will be politically biased.


#covid-19 #covid19 #coronavirus

Here is some sage advice from the CDC on staying healthy during this rapidly unfolding pandemic.

Speculation from one of many news sources on the origin of Covid-19.

Did it come from a Wuhan bio lab?

We need some humor in these dark days, so this section is:

Coronavirus Humor

Social Distancing Pickup Lines

  • If Covid-19 doesn’t take you out, can I?
  • Is that hand sanitizer in your pocket or are you happy to be within 6 feet of me?
  • Since all the public libraries are closed, I’m checking you out instead.
  • You can’t spell virus without U and I.
  • Baby, do you need toilet paper?  Because I can be your Prince Charmin.
  • I saw you from across the bar.  Stay there.
  • Without you, my life is as empty as the supermarket shelf.
  • Hey babe, can I ship you a drink?
  • You can’t spell quarantine without “U R A Q T”.
  • I really can’t stay.
  • Baby it’s COVID-19 outside.


Donald Trump vs. God on Easter PPV

This is brilliant.  This guy nails the Tangerine CockWomble’s style.


Enjoy this coronavirus parody by the Weegies:

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