Manta, Merchant Circle, Yext – Scam or… ?

Yesterday I received an email from Manta where they said my business listing needs to be verified (it doesn’t. Nothing has changed) so I followed the link just to see what it said. According to their “analysis” my business doesn’t show up in over 55% of search engines / search sites. Knowing for a fact it is correctly listed in most of them I decided to check a couple just for the heck of it.

Manta shows me as “missing” in a LONG list of sites. When I check each of the sites everything is as it should be. All information is current. Just like it was 3 or 4 years ago.  So right there, the email is an outright LIE.  Looks suspiciously like a SCAM to me.

A few years back I actually subscribed to their “service” that allegedly updates ALL search engines and synchronizes them so everywhere you’re listed, the information is the same. It’s a LOT of money on an annual basis unless you have a very high cash flow business (I don’t – intentionally). So I unsubscribed from their service after a year.

You would think everything would simply continue to have all the right information, since it was “synchronized” by the nice folks at Manta, right? Unless of course your information changed in this time (URL, address, phone, etc.)

None of my information has changed in 5 years.

This is the email I received:


If you look them up at BBB, you will find a pretty significant number of complaints. The BBB rating is “A” but they average a 2 star review.

You have to factor Merchant Circle and Yext into this deceptive mess too.  They all seem interconnected and ultimately it is Yext you partner with to “synchronize” all your sites for a substantial fee.

So I’m thinking these liars are not to be trusted.

Just my $0.02 worth.

But do your own research.  Google all of these entities with the word “reviews” after their name and make your own decision when you evaluate the results.








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