Insipid Immigrant Meme Du Jour

Illegals on Welfare

There’s a hot button issue for you

You see these memes generated and disseminated on social media daily.  Someone comes up with some clever (or so they think) propaganda and turns it into a meme.  Then they turn it loose and a large number of non-critical-thinking individuals share it with their own little contribution of drivel.

Today’s contribution reads as follows:
(at least it has correct spelling and grammar)
Illegal Welfare Meme

Illegal Welfare Meme






Shall we analyze this?

Sure.  Because that involves critical thinking and critical thinking is an important exercise to maintain brain function.

First Point:

  • How many “Americans” can you think of that would do the same work “illegals” do for the same pay under the same conditions?
  • Mowing lawns in the Texas Summer for instance
  • Harvesting crops in the Summer anywhere
  • Working any / all of these jobs with zero benefits
  • The vast majority of illegal immigrants are hard-working, law-abiding individuals.
  • Many work 2 or 3 jobs so they can afford to care for their families.

Second Point:

  • The answer to this meme’s question is completely obvious.
  • Education or lack thereof, determines earning capability.
  • And… Since they are literally doing jobs no one else is willing to do for far less than anyone else would accept, how are they going to afford to live in this country without welfare.
  • And… Since the Welfare Reform of 1996, illegals are NOT eligible for Welfare.  Their US born children are, and they may benefit from that, but illegal parents are only able to benefit from Food Stamps and Medicaid. Article Source

A lot of immigrants in general are on welfare.  Here are some actual statistics from the above referenced article:

Is this an ideal situation?


But what’s the alternative?

  • Who is going to pick the crops you and I depend on for sustenance?
  • Are you willing to pay Three Times as much for produce when we ship all the illegals back to Mexico?
  • Because getting anyone else to do the same job would cost a LOT more.
  • Think about that for thirty seconds if you need to.
  • Also, how much do you think shipping every single immigrant back to Mexico is going to cost?
  • And who is going to take care of their legal children who remain here?
  • What kind of burden do you suppose that will put on our Welfare system?
  • Who is going to pay for this?

In case you’re having difficulty with the math, it’s the American taxpayer who will shoulder the burden of paying for all of this.  Exactly the same source of revenue that’s going to pay for Trump’s infernal (and ultimately ineffective) wall.  If you build a 20 foot tall wall, the next day someone will be selling 21 foot ladders cheap in Nuevo Laredo.
(that someone will be me)

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