Bulk Trash Obliviots

I don’t know about your community

But in Dallas we have Bulk Trash pickup monthly.

This means you can put out anything.  Absolutely anything and line your sidewalk with it so the City can pick it up.  This is all part of our monthly garbage pickup fee.  I’ve seen tree limbs and branches 8 feet high and 30 feet wide in front of homes on more occasions than I can count.

This is a great idea until it becomes ridiculous.  There are a handful of problems with this – and they all stem from homeowners being complete obliviots.

Blocked sidewalks

34 leaf bags and a big box - and room to walk

How We Do It

Every single time there are sidewalks completely blocked by trash.  This can be (and usually is) a problem for well over a week.  As a result, the sideWALK is unusable for its actual named purpose for over one fourth of each month.  Pedestrian use.  Sometimes HALF the month by those people who don’t seem to understand the rules.  This means kids on foot, bikes, tricycles, skateboards, scooters, etc. have to go up in the lawn or out in the street to get around a giant mound of trash.  Same goes for moms with strollers, people walking their dogs, the elderly and mobility impaired.

All you have to do is stack your trash in a neat  column near the curb so the rest of the sidewalk is usable.  It’s actually in the city code to use it this way.  If you have something massive like a mattress, leave it on your lawn until pickup day.  Simple, right?

But some people get ridiculous about this.

This is an actual quote from a NextDoor comment to a post of mine on this very topic:

Just an observation, though. By spreading them out like that in a long line, 
the big claw machine now has to make 3-4 pickups instead of 1-2. If every one 
did that, the taxpayer costs of collection would go up and/or it might take 
several more days to collect. 
I would like to see it acceptable to put the bulk on the street with the 
limitation that it can’t stick out any further than a car would if 
parallel parked.

Leftover debris

There are numerous yards where there are stains on the sidewalk, broken glass, shattered ceramics, chemicals, indefinable powders, etc. that have been there for a year.  The City picks up the bulk trash and the debris left over is never cleaned up by the homeowner.  It’s like they never look out the front door.  Those of us who walk our dogs have to detour out into the street to avoid potential injury to our pets.


I repeatedly see this.  Every single month there are a handful of people who put out a half bag of leaves or a handful of twigs.  I small item.  This makes for one whole stop by the City for something that would have easily fit into the standard garbage bin.  It actually takes longer to walk this thing out to the curb than it would to pitch it in your trash can.


Just try and be considerate of your neighbors.  Is that so terribly complicated?


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