Just Wave a Flag That Says ROB ME

In the #BulkTrashFAIL category…

Not the first time I’ve written on this topic, but this example is so extreme I just have to bring it up again.

On bulk trash days do NOT put out boxes for large, expensive items.  This is an invitation to being robbed.  Ask your local police department if you’re in any doubt about this.

Recently I ran across this example that was so excessive as to leave me slack-jawed. SEVEN Samsung 55″ flat screen TV boxes stacked up about five feet high.

WTF people?

Seriously.  Just do NOT do this.

Break these boxes down, cut them up in little pieces and put them in the recycling container.

Or…  Break them down, open them up and turn them inside out so you only see blank cardboard – but bundle them all together.  Throw away the Styrofoam packing material or at a minimum put it all in a big contractor’s bag and tie it securely.


Just Rob Me

Just Rob Me

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