Great Way to Keep Your Laptop (and your lap) Cool

This is, very simply, an amazing product.

What is? You may ask.

Good point. The Neo Lapsaver Laptop Cooling Pad is what I’m referring to.
This 1/2″ thick black cordura pad is made from a remarkable crystalline chemical compound that wicks heat away from any surface it comes in contact with. Set your laptop on it and it cools your laptop without draining your batteries, requiring cords or plugs, and makes no noise whatsoever, as it has no moving parts.

I bought it just to see how well it worked and I was immediately impressed when I took it out of the packaging and it was COOL TO THE TOUCH.

One of my computers is a 17″ MacBook Pro and it runs pretty hot. It’s uncomfortable to have on your lap for any length of time as a result. Well… In the immortal words of Jacques Couseau: “Not any more!” What a great product. These guys should make motorcycle seats. Seriously.

As we all (should) know, heat is the enemy of computers. You want your computer (especially laptops) to stay cool – not HOT. Heat buildup is frequently the cause of premature failures and loss of data. If you can keep your computer cooler, it will have a longer life – and so will your data.

I highly recommend this product. Check it out.

The 15 Inch Version:

The 16 Inch Version:

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