Obliviot of the Day – Kathy Griffin

And the Obliviot Trophy du Jour Goes To:

Kathy Griffin

(and Tyler Shields)

<sorry dude, but this was dangerous and you should have known it>

So a pair of pretty talented and well-known people get together and decide to make a dramatic, politically charged statement about our Tangerine in Chief.  You may know the target of their wrath as Donald J Trump – or The President, POTUS, Obliviot…  It doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is that the decision to make this particular statement came with some pretty substantial aftershocks.

Kathy Griffin and Tyler Shields cooked up this little statement and the universe has pretty roundly slapped them silly for it.  They thought it would be a dramatic statement to have Griffin holding a severed Donald Trump head, dripping in blood.  It is most definitely dramatic.  And almost universally ascribed to poor taste.  The Secret Service is fairly interested in anyone appearing to threaten the POTUS, so their lives may or may not get somewhat complicated in the near future.  Can you say “watch list“?

I am personally a big fan of Tyler Shields.  I think he is one of the most talented photographers today.  I met him at his opening in Dallas a few months ago and am planning on attending the next one.  His work is unique and captivating.  This, however…

Griffin has been jettisoned by CNN and Squatty Potty (for which she has been a spokesperson) in addition to the Route 66 Hotel and Casino in New Mexico canceling her July performance.  Most likely a number of other negative effects will come to light in great detail over the next few days.  Her extensive online apologies notwithstanding, everyone with any sense of decorum at all is distancing themselves from her.  This is unfortunate, but fairly predictable.  Whether you like our Cheeto in Chief or not, being aligned with someone who advocates decapitating the man is sheer folly.

It’s not that we can’t criticize our Narcissist in Chief at will, because we can.  That’s one of the inalienable rights granted by our Constitution.  There is, however, an invisible line one should not cross in pretty much all things.  The problem with this line is that sometimes you don’t know where it is until it’s too late.

You may recall the Dixie Chicks who, in Germany (2001) decided to make some rather pointed remarks about our then Commander in Chief (some would say Doofus in Chief) that pretty effectively torpedoed their career for well over a decade.  Were they wrong?  Not in my book.  But you do need to pick the time and location in some cases and they picked both badly.  Also…  They severely miscalculated the allegiance of their fans, most of whom were solidly behind Dubbya.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

In both of these examples I think we can easily drop back to one of my favorite sayings:

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.


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