How We Got Trumped

We Did It To Ourselves

I just saw this insulting meme and it got me to thinking.

Stopping Trump is a
short-term solution.The
Long-term solution – and it
will be more difficult – is
fixing the educational
system that has created
so many people ignorant
enough to vote for Trump.
I could not have illustrated the problem any better than this meme does.
The real problem lies within the text of this meme itself. Democrats, liberals, libtards, progressives or whatever you want to call yourselves, assumed anyone voting for Trump was a complete idiot. A racist. A bigot – and someone who should be discounted. There most certainly are people who fit that description who voted for Trump. The majority, however are disenfranchised Americans who feel the government has left them out in the cold. People who were promised things would get better after the recession. People with no jobs, veterans with no care and no homes, the poor who continue to be poor. They felt the Democratic party had let them down. And they were right.
Then Hillary set about insulting the entire lot of them by labeling them a “Basket of Deplorables.” That pretty much cinched the deal in favor of Trump for a lot of Americans. Hillary did nothing to humanize herself in the eyes of these voters.
Democrats have to take a lot of responsibility for the outcome of this election. Dems were happy to label anyone even thinking about voting for Trump as idiots, morons, racists, bigots and worse. They were not even afforded the courtesy of an open discussion about why they wanted Trump or despised Hillary. I watched the truly deplorable dialog on social media for the duration and was – and am appalled. Both sides are guilty of the worst behavior I have ever witnessed during an election cycle. I had to unfriend people who went virtually rabid online and had to be put down.
We had the two worst possible candidates in this contest and the entire world knows it. Out of 300+ million people this was the best our broken system could do. We should all hang our heads in shame, evaluate our own contribution to this debacle and start over. What we have now is the least qualified, least Presidential candidate in my lifetime. And that’s what we deserve.
In 2 years we will have the opportunity to replace a lot of corrupt representatives. We should do exactly that. In another 2 years we can get rid of Trump and replace him and the rest of this corrupt lot. We should start working on that TODAY.
  • No more insulting memes.
  • No more divisive posts.
  • No more insults.
  • No more Us vs. Them.

We are all Americans and we are ALL in this together.

Let’s start acting like it.

We should be Americans first and remember that those who represent us will impact the lives of every single one of us. Both parties in our current government only care about what benefits them and their paymasters. They are whores, plain and simple. The top 1% of the 1% own them outright. Our governmental body is infected. It needs a complete transfusion to survive.
Vote out the infestation.
Vote in new blood.
I’m putting my soap box away now. It’s making me dizzy up here.

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