Giving Free Advice on NextDoor Will Get Your Account Locked

Next Door Will Shut You Down

Next Door Will Shut You Down

Next Door Will Lock Your Account

It would appear dispensing free advice on NextDoor will get your account locked, no matter how many people look forward to and appreciate the free advice. For several months I have been posting PSAs (Public Service Announcements) on tech topics, all of which you will see here in this blog. There have always been a few anal retentives that flag things I post as “commercial”. Recently that went to a fever pitch where anything and everything I posted or commented on was flagged as either commercial or abusive.

I registered numerous complaints regarding the flagging abuse with NextDoor which went ignored. Then they shut down my account because of all the flagging and want me to restrict my posts to my own neighborhood (I have for the last week or more) and never say anything negative about them. My response was “Sure, as long as you sanction the people who have been abusing the flagging function.” (or words to that effect.

No response.

So if you’re on my email list, you will continue to receive my updates. If not, that is unfortunate. If you know someone who wants to receive my updates, encourage them to send their email via our Contact Form.

For some reason the Nextdoor? staff will do nothing to thwart abusive flagging of posts. Their response time to my complaints, however, has been within 60 hours or so of receiving them…
<note sarcasm>

If you, like me are amazed that a small minority of whiners can influence the content for everyone else, so am I. Be sure and let @NextDoor know what you think.

So be warned. Do not offer free advice on You stand a good chance of having your account locked.

And remember this: “Just because you’re offended does not mean you’re right


This concludes my free PSA for the day

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