DIY Guitar Picks

March 21, 2015

For all you Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guitarists out there, one of my favorite inventions in the Pick-A-Palooza. With this clever punch you can make almost any reasonable plastic sheet product into a guitar pick. This makes for a good, eco-friendly operation where you can recycle things you’d normally throw out and turn them into picks. Over time, you save a lot of money as well.

Take your old credit cards, for example. Now you can recycle them into guitar picks rather than run them through a shredder – or meticulously slice them up with a scissors to make sure no one steals your CC number.

Normal everyday things you can turn into picks:

  • Credit Cards
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Clear plastic packaging (you know those things that slice YOU up while you’re trying to cut them open?)


WPH Signature Shredder Pick

WPH Signature Shredder Pick

With the Pick-a-Palooza you can’t punch things like metals, but if you’re a shredder and pretty handy, you can make aluminum picks like these with a jewelers saw and a file. It takes awhile, but I made and sold quite a few of these some time ago.

I used Reel to Reel tape flanges as my source material. Today I would just buy sheet aluminum stock and go to work with a scroll saw. If you’re interested in my signature shredder picks, drop me a line and maybe I’ll make some for you. They sound really cool!








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