Dante’s Psychedelic Inferno

From November 2. 2014

As we were gearing up for our Halloween party, I wanted to make our long, L-shaped hallway into something special.

Starting with the indirect lighting that I installed several months ago, I added red gels over the ultra-white LED lighting to create a very Dante’s Inferno look. Theatrical gels would yield the best results, but they are expensive, especially when you need about 80 feet of gel that measures about 3″ wide. Fortunately my wife found exactly what we needed on her travels. Red cellophane rolls used for wrapping gift baskets is perfect. It did take about an hour to cut something like 6 strips and drag a ladder along, setting them in place. The effect was worth it though, as it created an uneven, fire-like effect.

I decided parking a fog machine in the doorway to my wife’s office was the best location, and on a tripod above the fog machine I installed a
TSSSĀ® Disco DJ Stage Lighting LED RGB Crystal Light unit, which turned the hallway into a swirling mass of color. Very kaleidoscopic effect with the heavy layer of fog. I had the fog machine set to pulse for about 2 seconds every minute of so to keep a distinct layer of fog in the hallway.

A nice feature of this unit is that it has a standard tripod fitting on the underside, which enables mounting it almost anywhere. It comes with a plastic bracket if you want to permanently mount it — and a compact (5″ or so) flexible tripod for lightweight installations of a temporary nature. Since most of us own a tripod these days (or can pick one up cheaply) this is a great feature.

The fog machine I used is one of the professional units rated at 700 watts. I’ve used lots of the “party” level fog machines over the years, but had them all fail after one or two uses, so I decided to go the Eliminator Lighting series. These are very well made and quieter than the cheap ones.

The thing to note about these fog machines is you CANNOT use the party variety of timer controls that you buy at a Halloween store. The control voltage is entirely different. I found this unit to be perfect after contacting the very helpful people at Eliminator.

Fog machine controller











The end result looks like this:

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