Scoliosis Surgery Recovery at Home

Segment 3 of this blog picks up where The Big Day left off
And to reinforce what I’ve said before, I am NOT a medical professional of any kind. Consult a doctor or at least a physical therapist before undertaking any suggestions found on this blog. You take full responsibility for using any of this information.

We were originally led to expect a total of 14 to 18 days away from home, split up pretty evenly between Baylor Plano and the Baylor Rehab facility in Frisco. So like the smart little squirrels we are, we plugged that information into our calendar, I produced little plastic bags of daily supplements to last that long and off we scurried to Baylor.

As early as ICU, we started hearing that Rehab was unlikely due to my rapid recovery – which sounded pretty good. On Friday, they were saying we’d be going home either Sunday or Monday and that would be our call.

So when Sunday came around and I was feeling pretty good, that seemed like a good time to say “Adios” to all our friends, nurses and doctors on the PCU and head for the Old Homestead. And we did. (insert “I’m an old cowhand… from the Rio Grande…” chorus here) We arrived home around 1400 hours And then it was time to work on Logistics and get our Love Nest converted (temporarily) into an Invalid Nest.

Fortunately we have near-Zero clutter, a single-story home (built that way on purpose) and the right flow of energy to make it a really good place to recuperate. Lots of open spaces define our living areas, and my wife has transformed both front and back yards into an Oasis. I cannot think of a better place to Rehab. And No. We do not rent out rooms, ain’t gonna happen. Don’t even think about it.


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