The Big Day

Segment 2 of this 3-stage blog picks up where Living (Dealing) With Scoliosis leaves off (read it for the history of my scoliosis) and is written to assist those living with scoliosis and similar spinal disorders only correctable via surgery. It’s LONG. Very L.O.N.G. and you should take this into account. It covers my spine from the time I elected for surgery and the ensuing recovery that will take the next year or so. I’m trying to be as complete as possible, while employing as much of my characteristic levity as seems prudent along the way. I will use personal examples, solutions I’ve sound successful – and not so much – and recommendations I believe are worth trying.

Just to set reasonable expectations, I’ve had quite a few surgeries (7 to be precise) and possibly associated with this (or maybe from having been a Black Belt instructor for 10 years) I have a fairly high tolerance for pain. Therefore you will see the following statement from time-to-time throughout the balance of this post “Your Mileage May Vary

I am NOT a medical professional. Do NOT try anything based on what I’ve posted in here without assuming all risk yourself – and consulting your physician.

Got it? Let’s get started…

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