Living (Dealing) With Scoliosis

To set appropriate expectations… This is L.O.N.G. So acquire your favorite beverage / snack / lounging attire, get comfortable and cover the kiddies’ eyes and ears, as it is also NOT G-Rated.



The reason this blog exists is to help others suffering with similar debilitating and painful spinal conditions. Aside from Scoliosis, there are numerous other congenital or injury-related problems that can be so painful that the very idea of living one more day under these conditions is unthinkable. I know. I was there more than once. If I can help one person make sense out of what’s happening to them, provide some support, useful suggestions, or just make them laugh – and realize they’re not alone in this – I’ve achieved my goal.

Please feel free to share this with anyone you think might benefit from it.


First Sign of Trouble
Bad Habits
Physical Conditioning
First Sign of Real Trouble
Pain Management
Psychological Impact of Chronic Pain / Painkillers
A Partial List of painkillers
User, Abuser or Addict
Magic – Some Things That Actually Work
The Waiting Game
Running Out of Time
A Little Prep Work
What Else Can They Do to You?
Pain, Painkillers, Erectile Dysfunction and You


Warren's Twisted Spine

Aren’t you glad this isn’t you?

When I tell people I’m going in for surgery to correct a major scoliosis deformity the response is invariably “But you look so good!”

Well… Thanks for the compliment… (I guess) But that right there is part of the problem. For me. Diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 12 or 13 by a Chiropractor in Crescent City, California, I really had no appreciation for the long-term issues that go along with this deformity. And as a result, I lived my life like there was no tomorrow and did pretty much anything and everything I wanted without regard to the effect on my twisted spine. There is a definite up-side to this, such as: the one thing my tombstone will Not have on it is… A Bucket List.

First Sign of Trouble

As a roadie for The Grateful Dead at the age of 18, a shot of pain like I had never imagined, sliced through the middle of my back. Searing, blinding white-hot pain that showed no sign of abating any time soon.


The first of many nexus points, that’s WTF…

Damn! This was a whole new experience for me. You know how teenagers think they’re bullet-proof? Well, I found out I wasn’t in a very educational collision with the side of an Econoline van at the age of 16. Perhaps this sounds familiar:

  • 16-year-old on a motorcycle.
  • No helmet.
  • No boots.
  • No gloves.
  • No sense.

Street-racing on a Honda 150 (really? Yep). Coming to an abrupt halt at 50mph is nothing if not educational. And painful. And 6 months on crutches is pretty informative as well…

But I digress…

A little glitch… If you don’t see a numeric listing of the rest of the pages in this blog, a “More” button shows up at the end, after the Tags and the Comments. Press this so you can see all the pages in this post. Still working on figuring this weirdness out.

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