Slave or Free? You Have The Choice

Most of us in the United States think we’re free. We think slavey was abolished in 1863 when Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Actually it was in 1865 when the Thirteenth Amendment was added to the Constitution.

Slave or Free

Slave or Free?

But did you know this does not apply to prisoners? We can (and do) take full advantage of forced labor in prisons to supply “friendly” corporations with cheap labor?

And are you aware that most new US prisons are privatized? Operated by large corporations as a very profitable enterprise, 10% (200,000) of our total prison population are in privatized prisons. Why? It’s a cash cow!

The United States incarcerates more people per capita than any other country on earth, Russia is second. Here is the up-to-date graph.

It seems FEMA has had a staffing requisition in place to manage Detainment / Internment camps in Every State of the Union. These are defined in the requisition (HSFEHQ-10-R-0027) and allow for long-term detainment for “displaced citizens“. Not the typical short-term housing situation we would expect for a natural disaster. The requisition also specifies the minimum size for each “cell” as 65 square feet (roughly 8′ x 8′). This is less than the Federal standard for prisons of 72 square feet. For displaced citizens? Seriously?
This seems to be something else entirely from what FEMA has been tasked with in the past. I urge you to research and read up on what Our Government is doing behind our backs. One of Many Articles on this topic.

On a similar note, can you imagine any reason for the Department of Homeland Security to need 450 MILLION .40 caliber hollow-point rounds of ammunition? DHS contracted with ammunition manufacturer ATK to supply exactly that amount recently. Why?
Better yet, why would they need 175 MILLION rounds of .223 rifle ammunition (what they use in the M-16s you see camo-clad airport security personnel clutching in both hands) DHS is not supposed to be doing a lot of shooting – or so they’d have us believe. Unless they’re planning on putting down an uprising – that they expect… Why do they need all this armament?
One of numerous reports on this topic. Google it yourself.

Think about it.

And if you still think You are free, consider the choices you make and the choices you think you have.


  • Did you decide to follow your current career or was it the only thing available to you?
  • Have you “settled” for where you are and what you do or are you truly following your dream?
  • Have you researched healthier job markets / economies that would benefit you and your family?
  • Do you buy the best food for you and your family or the crap laced with GMO that is altering your DNA every day?
  • Do you shop carefully for the healthiest choices or grab the cheapest thing on the shelf?
  • Is your take on the world what you see on the 10 O’clock News or do you research the world news to get some perspective?
  • Are you aware that the 2012 NDAA signed into law by President Obama declares every square inch of the United States a battlefield?
  • Did you know that as a result of the NDAA you can be “detained” indefinitely without due process?
  • Do you realize that while detained you can and will have no choice but to participate in forced labor?
  • Are you aware that since the Patriot Act the last 2 administrations have been gutting the Constitution?
    Democratic View
    Republican View

Read this page:


  • Educate yourself
  • Prepare for the worst
  • Buy your food at local farmers markets
  • Support local small business
  • Buy American
  • Read our Constitution
  • Familiarize Yourself with all of The Amendments
  • You’ll be glad you did.

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