The Lost Art of the Hand-Written Letter

Until recently, I had not given the letter-writing issue a lot of thought. The only instance where I actually even type out a letter and mail it is when communicating with one luddite (close relative) with whom I cannot communicate via email. So I have to actually sit down, compose, write, sign and mail a letter when I want to find out what’s going on in his world.

Then we decided to produce a line of Fine Art note cards and the topic of hand-written letters surfaced in a different way. Why do people actually hand-write anything these days? Thank You cards and Sympathy cards seems to be about it. Handwriting is becoming a lost art. And writing in cursive is almost unheard-of.

Then I received a letter in the mail. An actual letter. Not printed on a computer – or typed on a typewriter (remember those?) – but actually hand-written on letterhead. This was from the VP of a vendor with whom I used to spend a lot of money regularly. She wrote me a full page letter in a beautiful back-slant script to say how much they valued my business and would love to have me back – and to sweeten the deal, included a 10% discount.

Upon seeing an actual hand-written letter in cursive, I picked up a magnifying glass to determine if it was actual handwriting (It was). Then I actually read the entire letter. And then I looked through the enclosed catalog.

And now I’m about to place an order with this company. Some of the reason is that I now need their products again. But I could find an equivalent product elsewhere. But this is the company from which I received a full-page hand-written offer.

It makes a difference.

Maybe if we spent the time to send the occasional “real” letter to our friends and colleagues, it would have some tangible results. Like keeping the Post Office in business… And generating increased revenue in our respective businesses.

If this sounds like good advice to you, take a look at our line of Fine Art Note Cards to get the ball rolling.


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