Drought-Stricken Texas Needs Your Help

Lack of rain, coupled with a record-setting heat wave has certainly contributed to the drought problems here in North Texas. We hear about this every day on the news and it seems our firefighters have been battling out-of-control brush fires for most of the summer.

It seems after an entire summer of these conditions, coupled with water restrictions in nearly every North Texas municipality, we would all be hyper-aware of the seriousness of this situation. It seems that way. Then why do I see flagrant violations of the watering restrictions every day? One vacant house in our development was running sprinklers during restricted hours EVERY DAY for at least 2 weeks – with water running down the street in 2 directions as a result.

Now it seems we are about to go to Stage 3 restrictions due to zebra mussels interfering with the water flow out of Lake Texoma.

If everyone had adhered to the Stage 2 restrictions, then perhaps we could have avoided Stage 3 restrictions.

Perhaps we all need a little wake-up call. A visual reminder of just how serious the drought is…

Cedar Creek Lake in a Drought

Drought Effect on Cedar Creek Lake Entitled “High and Dry”, this is what what Cedar Creek Lake looks like today.

As you can see, these boats are unintentionally dry-docked and unable to get into the water in this vast North Texas lake. In fact, most boats are unable to access that water as a result of lake levels being so low. Another side-effect, people that are dependent on the lake for revenue are in big trouble. One Cedar Creek Lake restaurant is now permanently out of business after months of no water access.

Please conserve water. We cannot live without it.

  • Water only during approved times.
  • Do Not water during daylight hours.
  • Do Not water on windy days.
  • Do Not water longer that 10 minutes per zone. More than that is just wasted run-off.

We all need to do our part.

Maybe it’s time to consider xeriscape desert-style landscaping. Many Californians were forced to implement xeriscapes during the several years of continuous drought in the 1970s and 1980s.

It is definitely time to start implementing Drip Irrigation. We put in a complete Drip system when we built-out our back yard a few years ago. This also enables you to do as we did and install a foundation Drip zone that will keep your slab properly watered, independent from your lawn or gardens. It’s not that complicated or expensive. It IS, however, difficult to find skilled installers.

Xeriscapes can be incredibly beautiful. They are efficient, low maintenance and free up time for other endeavors.

If the demand for Drip Irrigation increases, perhaps we can lure some skilled support personnel away from California…

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