NBC Employs Poor Journalistic Decision-Making

I’ve seen some just plain stupid decision-making when it comes to news stories, but I was astounded by the news story running last night and today on the Dallas / Fort Worth NBC affiliate regarding the latest rash of home robberies in the Denton County area.

It seems the criminals have taken to cutting the phone lines and power lines to residences prior to breaking in and burglarizing these homes in a certain geographic area. In itself it is not particularly foolish journalism to mention this. However, having a reporter standing next to a house and pointing out the proximity of the telephone box and the electric meter, then pointing out the precise wire that a criminal needs to cut in order to render the alarm system incapable of contacting the police – is just plain irresponsible! This is one of the stupidest stunts I’ve seen in years. NBC should be ashamed – and held responsible for any break-ins where their well-documented method is employed.

My recommendation:

  1. Install exterior video surveillance with a recorder
  2. Install a cell phone module for your alarm system to call the monitoring station if the land line is cut.
  3. Send NBC the bill if you suffer the consequences of their reporting.

Shame on you, NBC.

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